License Requirements

Requirements for Obtaining a Marriage License in The Bahamas

In order to apply for a marriage license you must have been in the Bahamas for 24 hours prior to date of application. Couples who wish to be married on Saturday or Sunday, must arrive in The Bahamas no later than Wednesday. The Registrars Office is closed on weekends and Bahamian public holidays.

Clients arriving by cruise ship should have been in Bahamian Waters for 24 hours and would have to obtain a confirmation letter from the ship's purser or captain. The letter must have the date and time that the ship entered Bahamian waters and confirm that the bride and groom are passengers aboard that vessel. (The letter must be an original on the ship's letterhead)

1. Passport or
2. Birth Certificate and Drivers License
3. If Divorced, Court Certified or The Original Divorce Decree. (document must have a raised seal or colored stamp, photocopies are NOT accepted).
4. If widowed, Certified Copy of Spouse's Death Certificate.
5. Immigration Card to prove date of entry into country (Will be returned to you).
6. Persons who have never been married will require a notarized affidavit.(can be obtained in the Bahamas).

Apostle Copy of Marriage Certificate

For couples from European countries who may also require an apostle copy of the marriage certificate, this can be obtained after the ceremony once the couple makes an application at the Registrar General's office in Nassau. The process takes seven days.

Please Note:

Divorce Decree and Death Certificate will not be returned to you as they are a part of the official application for a Bahamas Marriage Licence.

Clients whose documents are in a foreign language will need to have them translated into English and notarized prior to their arrival in The Bahamas.

No Blood Test is Necessary.

Your Bahamas Wedding Planner® will escort you for your licence. The fees for marriage licence and notarized affidavits are included in Bridal Affairs Packages, therefore these are not additional costs.

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